Matthijs Keuper

Matthijs Keuper is an artist and inventor who delves into the intersection of technology and art. As a student in Applied Physics, he participated in a long-term collaboration with the art academy for the project “Art is Flying” (“De Kunst is het vliegen”). After his graduation, he spent 25 years working in the LED industry. And launched a business for high-tech tunable lighting and a puzzle company where he designs unique generative wooden puzzles. His passion for programming led him to generative art in 2020, when he started experimenting with making digital artworks using code. Matthijs loves the contrast between the structured world of technology and the more intuitive realm of art. He is continually in search of innovation and prefers to go against prevailing trends. He is driven by experimentation and discovery.

Matthijs lives in the Netherlands with his wife and three boys.


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